Great Strategies to Beat Sugar Cravings – and how Weight Loss Hypnosis makes them even more effective

Weight Loss Hypnosis DublinMany people when attempting to lose weight fall foul of sugar cravings.  Whether you are undertaking your Weight Loss in Dublin, Wicklow or Bray, these tips can be really helpful.  And of course with the use of Hypnosis from James Jameson these tips can render your Weight Loss lifestyle change even more powerful and effective.


Does that morning pastry leave you craving yet another one after a couple of hours? Do you grab for chocolate mid-morning or find yourself guzzling a sugar-loaded fizzy drink mid-afternoon and still find yourself reaching for biscuits or cake in the evening?

If you find that consuming sugary snacks just leads to more sugary snacks, you’re not alone. Eating lots of simple carbohydrates such as sugary substances without the simultaneous use of proteins or fats may quickly satisfy hunger and provide a short lived energy boost, but they will almost as quickly leave you hungry again and craving even more

This article contains some great expert advice on dumping those sugar cravings and clearing the way to a healthy slim way of living:

Reasons for Sugar Cravings

There are many reasons why we go for sweet things.

There is some evidence that the sugar desire may be hard wired in our systems.  Babies demonstrate pleasure signals when fed with sugared water that are absent when they are fed pure water.

Carbohydrates stimulate the release of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin and sugar is a highly processed and pure carb more readily absorbed than other healthier carbs such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

The taste of sugar also releases endorphins that calm and relax us, offering a natural high. Consumption of sugar can become addictive.

In addition to and possibly because of the above sugar and sugar sweetened foods taste good and as a result many people develop addictive behaviour.  It is worth noting a growing tendency for food producers to add sugar to foods which traditionally were sugar free such as soups and casseroles in order to boost sales and to keep the punters coming back.

Another factor that should not go unnoticed is the perception that sugar and sugary foods are a “treat” or even a “reward”.  Many of us will have experienced this since early childhood, experiences which will automatically become deeply ingrained.  It is small wonder that as adults we reward ourselves and often hurt ourselves with what made us feel good as kids.

Sugar as an occasional treat is fine. The problem arises when we over-indulge.  It’s hard not to over-indulge when in addition to overeaten “treats and rewards”  a huge proportion of  the traditionally “non-sugary” food we eat, such as breads, yogurt, juices, sauces, soups and pre-cooked vegetables have added sugar.


Some great tips to curb and even eliminate sugar cravings:

Limit yourself to a little of what you crave. Avoid feelings of deprivation by eating a little of what you’re craving, maybe a small biscuit, cookie or a very small candy bar.  However, if you recognise yourself as addicted to sugary food, doing this could prove counterproductive.

Another related approach is to limit yourself to a very small amount of sugary food but to bulk it up by consuming it with a healthier food such as nuts or fruit or a sugar-free wholegrain biscuit.  In addition to satisfying a craving, and limiting sugar toxins to a minimum, you get the benefit of the nutrients from the healthier food.

Go cold turkey.  Remove all refined sugar and foods containing refined sugar completely from your diet.  Doing it unaided can be difficult for the first few days and may require some discipline in the long term.  The use of hypnosis to aid this process, as anyone who has quit cigarettes will attest, makes it all so much easier.

Chew gum.  Chewing gum can reduce sugar cravings so eating sugar free gum can help, not just as a substitute for sugar, but also in providing an activity which makes it easier to cope.

Eat fruit. Fruit contains natural sugar but also fibre and many worthwhile nutrients and is an excellent way to stay in control.  Most fruits have a reasonably long shelf life so keeping some around for when needed should not be problematic.

Eat nuts and seeds. They are healthy and a very tasty “Slow Sugar” replacement for refined sugar.”

Do something to distract yourself.  When under attack from a sugar craving go for a walk or undertake some other physical activity that you enjoy.  Do some housework.  In addition to beating the craving you will also get some valuable exercise

Eat regularly. Long gaps between meals cause low blood sugar and set you up to grab at the instant gratification of high sugar food.  Instead, eat every two to four hours to keep your blood sugar stable.

In doing this make sure your existing food consumption doesn’t increase.  The best method is to split your meals i.e. eat half your breakfast at breakfast time and the other half mid-morning, similarly for lunch and dinner.  Build nutritious slow sugar foods with fibre such as proteins, wholegrains and fresh produce into your diet.


Weight Loss for Hypnosis makes it Better

Although the above strategies are highly effective, implementing them often requires serious and persistent willpower.  Many people have difficulty maintaining the intensity required over time. This is because willpower is a conscious effort and unhealthy eating behaviours are mostly driven from the subconscious.

Because Hypnosis creates a clear channel of communication with the subconscious, it becomes possible to convince the subconscious that high sugar intake is unhelpful, and to engage the remarkable power of the subconscious to now assist in the sugar elimination effort.

The net result is that people using Hypnosis to help in sugar elimination tend to find that their motivation is much greater and long lasting and that the difficulties associated with dispensing with sugar are either eliminated completely or very greatly reduced.

If you simply want to eliminate sugary foods from your diet then many competent hypnotherapists can help you in one or two sessions.

For more general weight loss programs which involve other aspects of eating and exercise, additional sessions may be required.

Prepared by James Jameson of Jameson Therapies, Wicklow and Bray/Dublin, Ireland

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