About Real Gastric Bands


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How a Real or Physical Gastric Band Works


The purpose of a physical Gastric Band is to help obese patients lose weight by limiting their food intake by installing a physical restriction to the intake of food.
The diagram shows a Gastric Band in situ. It is a collar-like device that is placed around the upper part of the stomach during Surgery.  Its effect is to divide the stomach into two separate but connected pouches.
The new, small, upper stomach pouch is about the size of a golf ball and so it takes much less food to fill it.  As a result the sensation of being full is achieved after much less food and so the signal to stop eating occurs much sooner.


In addition to feeling full sooner the onward flow of food to the lower chamber is restricted by the Gastric Band, helping patients to feel fuller for longer.


The operation is a serious one and carries some risks.  Also, dietary restrictions may apply afterwards.
The purpose of the hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band is provide the benefits of a real Gastric Band operation but without the risks, costs and potential side-effects.

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