What Clients Report

What Clients have told me

“I went home that evening and sat down for my dinner.  I wasn’t even half way through my meal when I began to feel very full.  I just couldn’t bring myself to eat any more and amazingly I still felt full at bedtime three hours later.  This has never happened to me before.  And it has been the same every day since.”
Mary M, an office manager, after her first Virtual Gastric Bad session.
“Already I am down three trouser sizes and I have no doubt it will continue.  I’m not even thinking about food and when I park up for the night the first thing I want to do is go for a good long walk.  I feel so much better.  I am sleeping better and now that I am eating a lot less I enjoy it much more.”
Martin O’M, a 32 year old long distance truck driver at his final session
“I went to a barbeque last week, and was annoyed with myself because I ate a burger.  Afterwards I looked in the mirror and realised how far I have come – from size 16 to size 12.  And compared to what I would have eaten six months ago a burger is nothing!”
Angela D, a 45 year old schoolteacher about four months after her final session
“The guys in the canteen are ribbing me now – that I am disappearing before their eyes!  Despite the ribbing, I expect you’ll be seeing one or two of them before long.  They are still having difficulty with the idea that I, who was by a long shot the heaviest of our group, will shortly be the slimmest.”
William K, 38 year old factory shift worker.
“I know that the Gastric Band programme is not really a diet and that I can eat anything I want, but I have just realised that I don’t seem to be going for the bad stuff anymore.  Without any real effort on my part I seem to be automatically going for food that is good for me, on top of eating a lot less.  It’s great!”
Denise F , 43 year old mother of three children.



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